This site is dedicated to providing resources that will help you get a job. The website you see now began as a small blog in the winter of 2013. It slowly progressed to a full blown site that offers not just resumes, cover letters and career articles, but job search guidance, interview tips, job market trends and other information that we hope will get you closer to a better job.

While traveling on our personal journeys through life, we believe it is extremely important to be able to share with and learn from others. When we do so, we open ourselves to the enrichment and growth available through the people and world around us.

Our small resume writing team consist of three veteran writers with diverse career experience and resume expertise.  Our founder lives in the small New England town of Norwalk, CT.  She is a little quirky, at times too contemplative and believes in the power of hope.

Thanks for visiting and please share the content on our site that you believe will help others in their own job search.

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