Administrative Assistant Day
Administrative Assistant Day

Whether you call it Administrative Assistant Day, Executive Administrators Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Secretaries Day or Admin Day, it all comes down to celebrating a very special group of people who are often the right hand of most departments and corporations.

Following are the days on which each country noted honors our corporate administrative heroes:

North America: the Wednesday of the last full week in April

France: the third Thursday in April

Australia: the first Friday in May

New Zealand: the third Wednesday in April

South Africa: the first Wednesday of September

This unofficial holiday reminds us to appreciate administrators, receptionists and other administrative support professionals.

Recently, I had the pleasure of writing a resume for a woman who was referred to me by my mentor.  First, we emailed each other back and forth, discussing her experience acquired from positions she held over the years.  After speaking on the phone and finally meeting in person, I was taken aback by Natalie’s charisma.

Not only was I impressed by her 30+ years of career experience, I was also amazed at how her experience varied within the same role.  I’ve been writing resumes for quite some time now.  For the most part, people have either been doing the same thing in different industries, the same thing in the same industry or they’ve held different jobs doing very different things.

Natalie’s work history was the perfect example of professional growth.  She had consistently remained in the business of being an administrator, but the capacity in which she did so expanded with time.

It never occurred to me before writing Natalie’s resume that Admins carry a huge and important responsibility – keeping the boss together.  Not only do Executive Assistants and Administrative Assistants oversee, manage, organize and communicate on behalf of their chiefs, they often supervise very personal matters.

In my opinion, one of the most valuable abilities of Admins possess is their confidentiality.  Sensitive information (on and off paper) will cross their desks, eyes and ears on a daily basis, yet they execute their responsibilities flawlessly and tactfully, with a ‘business as usual’ mentality.

On the higher end, these professionals are capable of running their own companies – which is exactly what I thought of Natalie.  Entry level Administrative Assistants have responsibilities that range from receptionist/gatekeeper to HR Assistants.

Admin salaries vary by skills, location and of course by experience.  A top drawer (I’m not dating myself, I just love that term) Admin can command a six figure salary.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?  Well consider this, the right hand woman to the CEO of a major corporation isn’t just shuffling papers, gossiping, being scandalous and filing her nails.  Ask former Executive Assistant to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

All that being said, do Admins deserve their own holiday to celebrate their commitment to their profession?  Absolutely!  Kudos and cheers to all Admins who manage the professional and personal lives of their superiors and then go home and manage their own personal lives.

This April, don’t forget to show your appreciation on Administrative Assistant Day.  This world would be a very different place without them.

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Administrative Assistant Day

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