medical assistant job description
Medical Assistant Job Description

These 25 Medical Assistant Job Descriptions can be used when preparing your resume for submission.  Using the right words to describe your responsibilities will better convey your experience and the details of your day to day duties to potential employers.

The medical industry is always looking for good people, regardless of the economy.  No matter what, we all need healthcare.  We need regular check-ups, preventative care and unfortunately, treatment for illness and disease.

When writing your resume, it’s important to write clear descriptions without being redundant.  Highlight your duties as they relate to patients, physicians, nurses and any third party companies with which you communicate like blood banks or other medical offices.  Include your administrative and computer tasks.

Use any combination of the following medical assistant job descriptions to help create your medical assistant resume and your medical assistant cover letter.  Don’t forget to use past tense for previous positions and present tense for your current role.

 Medical Assistant Job Descriptions:

  • Provide back office support and supervision.  Answer multi-line phone in a professional and courteous manner.  Assist patients in filling out paperwork.
  • Observe all aspects of daily activity in a physician’s office.
  • Prepare patients for meeting with the doctor by obtaining vital signs and documenting/updating pertinent health information (i.e. chief complaint, allergies, medications).
  • Take blood pressure, weight, and temperatures of incoming patients.
  • Record patient histories, monitor and record vital signs.  Communicate lab results to patients.
  • Provides basic patient education on the performance of routine tasks or skills.
  • Refers questions to registered nurses and physicians/providers per scope of practice guidelines and relays information back to patient as directed.
  • Prepare patients for minor surgical procedures and deliver injections.
  • Maintain inventory and patient logs/ procedure logs. Perform set up of surgical and treatment areas.
  • Prepare samples for lab analysis and filed laboratory reports.  Call in prescriptions and update medication stores.
  • Ensure the cleanliness, sanitation and maintenance of facilities, exam rooms and equipment.
  • React calmly and effectively in emergency situations, and added the personal, caring touch that immediately put patients at ease.
  • Assist patients in scheduling medical appointments.
  • Responsible for creating, distributing and updating daily patient schedule.
  • Follow all HIPPA guidelines, maintaining strict confidentiality and patient rights.
  • Adhering to professional standards, policies and procedures, federal, state, and local requirements, and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.
  • Assist the physician/provider with procedures and surgeries such as pelvic exams, allergy scratch testing, EMG, etc.
  • Retrieves messages, pulls and preps charts, as directed by the nursing staff.
  • Enters appropriate paperwork and flow sheets into computer.
  • Transcription and accurate processing of all Physician orders during the assigned shift.
  • Responsible for all clerical duties, phone triage, supply management, forms management, and completion of Patient Admission and Discharge Function.
  • Provide all Professional Staff with verbal and/or written report of patients physical, emotional and medical status on an ongoing basis and as required by policies and procedure.
  • Ensure correct coding is used to designate the diagnoses and procedures performed.
  • Keep track of all medical claims, bills and insurances.
  • Maintain correspondence with both the insurance companies and patients.
Learn how to make a resume using any of our resume templates.

This is just a sample of the many medical assistant job descriptions that are carried out in a medical office.  Please share your experience as an MA in the comment box below or any tips that new Medical Assistants can use in their job search.

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Medical Assistant Job Descriptions

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