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Milton and his stapler/Office Space: 20th Century Fox 1999

Top 45 Best Reasons to Quit Your Job:

  1. You daydream about doing something bad to your boss or co-workers.
  2. You don’t make enough money to pay your bills.
  3. You can’t remember the last time you slept well on a Sunday night.
  4. You’re in the wrong field, industry, company or position, i.e., you’re in corporate but love nature.  You teach but hate kids.  It’s just not your thing.
  5. It’s turning you into someone you’re not or someone you don’t want to be.
  6. They want you to quit.  You always feel like somebody’s watching you.
  7. Even when you’re not at work, it’s all you talk about.
  8. You simply, just don’t care anymore.
  9. You want to do something worthwhile and fulfilling.
  10. Even though you make a lot of money, you feel empty inside.
  11. You miss sunlight.
  12. You’re being exposed to chemicals or other hazards affecting your health.
  13. You try to come up with practical reasons that will force you to leave, so you won’t offend/upset anyone or burn your bridges.
  14. It’s not you, it’s them.  You work with nasty, incompetent, rude, lazy, manipulative, evil, stupid, back stabbing, spiteful, gossiping, lying, toxic and malicious people.
  15. You’ve run out of reasons to be there.
  16. You don’t want to wait until you’re 65 or 70 to start enjoying your life.
  17. You’re dating a co-worker and you’ll both get fired if HR finds out.
  18. You only took the job to please someone else.
  19. They’re treating you like Rodney Dangerfield. You get no respect.
  20. You’re not learning or growing because your boss won’t let you get promoted.
  21. Someone mentioned you might get fired soon.
  22. This is not what you signed up for.
  23. Your character is being sullied in your industry with other companies.
  24. The handwriting is on the wall. Your department or company is going under.
  25. You contemplate going pass your office each and every single day you go to work.
  26. You’ll probably cause physical harm to/ put hands on someone if you stay.
  27. You’re happy when you’re not there, but severely depressed, drained and sad when you’re at work.  Your stomach is in knots all the time.
  28. Your boss forces you to duplicate your efforts.
  29. You’re having suicidal thoughts as a way to escape working there.
  30. You’re being forced to do and say dishonest, unethical and/ or illegal things.
  31. You hate it.  With every fiber of your being, you truly hate it.
  32. Your life circumstances have changed.  You’re no longer single.
  33. You’re unappreciated but you’re still doing other people’s work.
  34. You’re workplace is a zoo. No offense to actual zoo employees.
  35. Someone else always gets or takes credit for your ideas.
  36. They keep taking your stapler, your lunch or some other personal item.
  37. You can do better and you know it.
  38. You are being sexually harassed or verbally abused.
  39. You’ve screwed up one too many times.
  40. Working there goes against your religious or personal beliefs.
  41. You don’t respect your boss, the company or yourself for working there.
  42. You do the job of three people but get the salary of one.
  43. Drugs and alcohol are a part of your work environment.
  44. You hate your schedule and don’t have time to do anything else.
  45. Because you deserve better.

If you can identify with more than five of these reasons to quit your job, then it’s time to go.  You might want to find a new job first.  You know the saying; it’s easier to get a job when you already have one?  It’s true. Download any of our 100% free professional resume templates in MS Word to get started.

Top 45 Best Reasons to Quit Your Job

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