hiring-employeesWhen it comes to finding a job, it is important to know what you need. For most people, that means getting benefits, like health insurance or paid vacation.

While benefits are typically reserved for employees who are putting in full-time hours, there are still options for those who want to work part-time and still receive some appealing benefits.

Simply remember to ask a company, do part time employees get benefits, if you are unsure whether it is a good idea to apply. Below are 20 Companies Offering Part Time Jobs with Benefits.

Target and Land’s End

For great part time jobs with benefits 2015, it is a good idea to start with these two companies. They offer health insurance in terms of part time work benefits, and they are also great companies to work for.

Whole Foods, Wegmans and Costco

This group of companies works more with perishable goods and other groceries. They offer health insurance and are some of the companies with best benefits 2015. The unemployment benefits part time work make it worth turning in an application and hoping for an interview.

Starbucks and Caribou Coffee

If caffeine is a must and companies with best benefits 2015 are what you are looking for, then look no farther than these two coffee-slinging franchises.

Home Depot, Lowe’s, U-Haul, UPS and The Container Store

If you are looking for a job selling construction materials or helping people move things from Point A to Point B, these companies are on the list that fit the bill and offer part time jobs with benefits 2015.

Staples, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble

For Best Buy, the draw is the employee discount on all things technology, while the other two provide health insurance and a decent employee discount as well.

Kaplan and Publix

These two companies offer tuition reimbursement, which can be important for those hoping to further educate themselves.

Southwest Airlines

When it comes to part time work benefits, free airfare is nothing to turn your nose up at. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider an application to the airline in order to gain this perk.


This company offers great retirement benefits, which is not too shabby when you consider it is unemployment benefits part time work earns.


This company offers a decent plan for health insurance, which is important to the older generation. Therefore, this company would be worth submitting the application to as well.

These companies offer great benefits for event those who work a couple shifts each week. Therefore, they are great choices to submit applications to when searching for a part-time job that still offers benefits.

If you are unsure of other companies that are this appealing, simply ask do part time employees get benefits when you stop by to get an application. The only way to find out for sure is to ask someone who works there or the person in charge of human resources. Then, you can decide if applying is worth the effort.

20 Companies Offering Part Time Jobs with Benefits

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