If you’ve been applying for jobs on Craigslist, please read this entire article!  I will make a difference in your job search.

I used to work as a recruiter and have seen THOUSANDS of resumes. Most of them were a headache to look at, which discouraged me from actually reading them. These applicants were probably very nice individuals; many of them even qualified and could’ve done a great job. Unfortunately their resumes didn’t reflect their strengths and accomplishments. Either the layout, structure or formatting was too messy and made the resume difficult to read.

It’s easy to pass on a resume that’s hard to read. It’s also EXTREMELY easy to select a resume that is clean and well put together. Getting a job takes effort. Most people won’t even read this post to the end.


Craigslist Job Application Tips

When You Apply For a Job, You Have Three Goals:

1. Write an impressive cover letter/email so your resume will be viewed

2. Submit a visually appealing resume that stands out so a recruiter will want to actually read it after a quick glance

3. Write an organized and professional resume that will get you an interview
Employers and recruiters can get up to 500 resumes for one job vacancy. If your email, cover letter or resume doesn’t stand out, you won’t get a response.


Craigslist Job Application Mistakes

Take a look and see if you are breaking any of these resume submission rules or damaging your job search with any of these #epicfails.  Here are 15 common mistakes people make when applying for jobs through Craigslist and other job sites:

  • Leaving the subject line blank — enter the job title for which you are applying and location if the company has multiple locations.
  • The cover letter, resume or email has several typos or poor grammar.
  • Not saying anything in the email or not providing a cover letter — just attaching a resume is lazy.
  • Cover letters are not customized — make sure you add the company name, job title and keywords for the job advertised.
  • Fail to mention any qualifications specific to the position or the company.
  • Not customizing the resume, i.e., objective or summary to match the position advertised. Don’t submit a medical assistant resume for an IT position.
  • Complicate sentences by trying to sound overly intelligent.
  • Use slang, too many abbreviations or trending symbols like hashtags or @ instead of “at”.
  • Sending additional documents like school transcripts, references or a past job performance review.
  • Naming a resume something other than the candidate’s name. Don’t entitle your resume Resume2.docx or newresume.pdf. JohnDoeResume.docx is perfect — using your first and last name.
  • Make special requests in the cover letter before even being getting an interview.
  • Use unprofessional and immature email addresses — stay away from hotmama69@yahoodotcom or 420life@gmaildotcom and the like.
  • Apply for the same job more than once with different resumes and email addresses.
  • Don’t follow directions — if the job advertisement ask for a Word document, don’t send a PDF or copy and paste your resume in the body of the email.
  • Don’t respond promptly if an employer or recruiter makes contact about a position. Jobs go fast and an employer will move on to the next candidate very quickly.


The Bottom Line

Sending a cover letter and resume are the ultimate first step to applying for a job to get an interview. It is the only opportunity for an employer to make a decision to contact you for a phone or in-person interview. It’s up to you to make sure you stand out in a positive way.  Not only do I have experience hiring people, I have also applied for jobs myself enough times to know what works and what does not.


Do You Need Help?

Are you having a hard time with your job search?  Have you been applying for job after job on Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder or other sites without success?  If you’re not getting results in your job search, here’s some help applying for jobs with a good cover letter and resume that will stand out and some really great job search resources.


Are You Applying For Jobs on Craigslist?

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