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If you are looking for a new job due to unemployment or you’re simply unhappy in your current company, you’ve no doubt come to realize that the job search is no piece of cake.  This time of year especially, there are far more candidates competing for one position.  You might find yourself trolling the same job sites day in and day out.  Seeing the same jobs.  Feeling desperate.  Eventually applying to any and everything just to get something.  Finally, you start to ask yourself if you’ll ever get a job.  Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

For most people the answer to both questions is yes.  Job searching can take time and it definitely requires commitment.  The old adage still rings true here.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Have faith.

There are different things you can do to improve your job search.  We’ve discussed a few in detail on this site before so we won’t revisit the list this time around.  What we will do however, is introduce a new technique that will hopefully take you one step closer to your new job.

Finding unadvertised jobs, or rather finding jobs that aren’t advertised in the usual places will dramatically reduce your competition.  Isn’t that what you want to do after all?  Wouldn’t you prefer to apply for a position for which only three people have applied, rather than 300?

So let’s get started.  This is a simple trick and you may already be aware of it.  For those who are not, this technique will likely open your mind to other creative ways to find and secure employment.

As I’m sure you are already aware, you can post your resume on most job sites to have recruiters and hiring managers contact you based on your qualifications.  The majority of these sites limit access to posted resumes – only allowing recruiters and hiring managers to login and view said resumes.

This is not the case with Indeed Resumes.  Indeed.com is perhaps the best job site on the internet and I suggest them to everyone looking for a job.  However, if you post your resume on Indeed.com and make it public, you must be aware that it then becomes public to the general public.  In my humble opinion, this is good and it’s not so good.

It makes it easier for prospective employers to find you through simple keyword and location searches without paying astronomical amounts of money before even seeing candidate resumes.  If you are insanely private and don’t want your career history to be public knowledge, then it could create issues for you.  There are other pros and cons to this feature.

First and foremost, your personal contact information is never visible.  This is very important.  When a recruiter or hiring manager signs in to their account they are able to use Indeed’s system to contact you.  Another pro is that you have the opportunity to use this search method we’ll share below, to find a job.

So just how do you use Indeed Resumes to find yourself a job?  You run your own search based on your desired location and job title to find companies.  From there, you research the companies.  Visit their career page to see if they have any vacancies that match your credentials and interests.

Here are the steps you can take to find unadvertised jobs using this search technique.

Search for Indeed Resumes on Google or your favorite search engine.  It will be either the first or the second result when I search on Google.

Once on the page for Indeed Resumes, click on Search Resumes on the left side of the page.

In the Where field, type in your current or desired City and State in which you want to work.

In the What field, type in your current or desired job title and click Find Resumes.

If you are logged into Indeed, you will see the names of the individuals whose resumes meet the search criteria.  In the above example, you will see Account Managers for New York, NY.  If you are not logged into Indeed, instead of the names, you will see the position title.

Adjust your criteria even further by using the settings on the left of the screen.  You can select Distance, Job Type, i.e., Full Time, Part Time, Internship etc.  You can also customize by Job Titles, Years of Work Experience, Education and Companies.  Do not check anything under companies to see all companies.

By mousing over each resume, you will see a small preview of the information in the full resume.  From there, you can copy and paste the company name into Google to reach their website and career page.

Not only can you discover companies you had never heard of, but you can also find jobs on their career pages that are not advertised elsewhere.

Then what?  Then, you prepare a professional cover letter identifying your interest in the position, highlighting your qualifications and making yourself available for an interview.

Indeed and Glassdoor both provide company reviews, job descriptions and salary guidelines for thousands of companies.  Do your due diligence to learn more about a company before applying for a job.

And there you have it.  Another insider job search tip to help make your days a little easier and your nights more restful.  If you come across jobs and/or companies that don’t meet your requirements but might work for someone else, pay it forward.

If this tip has opened your mind to creative ways to step up your job search, has helped you or even given you hope, please spread the love and share this post.

Until next time, remember, good things are coming. Oh wait… if you think your resume is holding you back in your job search, check out our resume templates package HERE. They provide another way to standout from other job seekers.





How to Find Unadvertised Jobs Online
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