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In today’s world, social media has become one of the key components in communications and marketing.

With websites and apps like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter being utilized by businesses and many different services alike, they have changed the game for job seekers globally.

You can easily look up reviews of a company made by employees and customers on websites such as, but looking at a company’s Facebook or Twitter page will often paint a different picture.

You can see how often their page is updated, how many “likes” they have, how interactive they are with their followers on Facebook or Twitter and how seriously they take the (usually newly incorporated) social media factor of their business marketing.

We know that businesses often search for an individual’s social media profile to get a better feel for them as a person. What a lot of job seekers don’t know, is that they can utilize sites such as Twitter to seek out companies and open positions.

By taking part in the “hash tag” phenomenon made popular by Twitter, people can now add the popular app to their list of job seeking tools. Some hash tags that are useful in your job search are: #hireme, #hiremeplease, #imbroke, #needajob, #gettingthegig, #lookingforwork, #laidoff, #HireFriday, #jobless, #hirevets.

It may seem unconventional to some people to use a website such as Twitter for something as important as seeking employment, but the benefits of this new method of technology that is taking the world by storm are very impressive.

You no longer have to compete with all of the other resumes that have been posted on public internet job boards. You are looking in a place that most people don’t realize is available to them, which increases your chance of finding a suitable position. It also gives you the chance to demonstrate your resourcefulness and creativity – something that employers admire in candidates.

The next time you open your laptop to apply to that job posting you saw on Craigslist, hop on over to Twitter and try one of the hash tags listed above, just to see where it gets you. If you’re up to it, try creating your own hash tags to search for or to add to your tweets, that way, potential employers can find you! #NewJob!

About the Author: Alice Paul is a college student navigating the world one day at a time while living life to the fullest.

Twitter Hash Tags for Job Seekers

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