If you’re looking for a job, by now I’m sure you’ve realized that a good resume will go a long way in your job search.  Resume templates tend to get a bad rep.  There are pros and cons to every situation.  Most of the bad publicity for resume templates is associated with the free default Microsoft templates that most people barely know how to navigate let alone turn into impressive works of art.

A quick check in Google will bring up the following about searches about buying resume templates:

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This list alone should encourage you that other job seekers just like you are getting their resume templates online.  If you’re still not convinced that resumes templates are a great way to jump start your job search, here are 20 reasons why you should buy professional resume templates online.  You might find one or more of these reasons to be exactly what you need to turn your job search around starting today.


  1. Save Time

In this day and age of the mighty hustle, who doesn’t want to save as much time as possible?  Here’s the thing, you just have to be honest with yourself.  If you can write a stellar resume that will have recruiters and prospective employers begging you to interview and fill their position, then by all means, have at it.

If however, you’re not the best writer or don’t have the technical skills to creatively format and redesign a Microsoft Word, bare bones template, then it’s not a bad idea for you to consider using professional resume templates.

First, there’s nothing wrong with not knowing how to write a great resume.  We all have different abilities and skills. Where you excel, your neighbor might fall short – and vice versa.  So if you can do it, just do it.  If you can’t, be an adult and get some help.  If you can’t afford to pay someone to write your resume, then professional resume templates are what you need. They are inexpensive and they will save you the time and frustration of trying to write the resume yourself from scratch.


  1. Provide Guidance

You’re probably wondering, “how on earth can resume templates provide guidance?”  Have you ever started a new project but you weren’t sure how to go about completing it?  It’s the same thing with writing a resume when you don’t have experience or you aren’t sure where to start.

Good resume templates will already have the layout formatted with pre-written sample information.  All you have to do, is type over the already provided content with your own information, instead of jumping from section to section and being unsure if you’ve already entered the right information in the right places.  You start from the top and work your way down to the bottom, filling in your information until, voila! You have a new resume to start submitting for jobs.


  1. Stand Out

If you’ve read any other articles I’ve written on job searches, you know that I believe standing out is a MAJOR part of a successful job hunt.  I can’t say this enough, recruiters and employers can easily receive 500 resumes for one single job opening.  If all those resumes look alike but your resume looks different, you’ve just caught their eye.

Imagine going through resume, after black-and-white resume, then you open a new email and you see color, you see organization and you can easily navigate and read the information.  That effort alone will encourage a second more in-depth review of your resume.  Professional and creative resume templates will do that for you.


  1. Modern Look

This is a no-brainer but let’s tackle it none-the-less.   A resume template from 1989 isn’t going to get you hired in 2016.  The struggle is real.  This isn’t your parent’s job market.  Competition is no joke.  In the above scenario, I mentioned 500 resume submissions for one job.  That’s a legitimate statement.  If you’re not submitting a resume that stands out in a good way, don’t expect a response.

With professional and creative resume templates, you get modern designs.  Your resume will look like a document someone will want to read.  Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen messy documents that hurts your head to read.  Imagine someone thinking that way about your resume. Don’t do it to yourself.  If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly! If you’re gonna apply for a job, put your best foot forward with a modern resume.  If you’re gonna buy a resume design, buy a package with different design options.


  1. Convert to PDF

From time to time you might come across an employer or recruiter requesting your resume as a PDF document.  Resume templates in Microsoft Word can easily be converted to PDF.  Again, when applying for jobs, you need to keep pace with current recruiting trends and be able to meet employment requirements.  With these templates, you can quickly and easily print, scan, upload, attach and email your resume.


  1. Organized Layouts

When reviewing a resume, recruiters and employers first glance at pertinent information.  There are already specific details that they’re looking for to fill a vacant position.  If your resume does not present your qualifications and personal information in an organized layout/fashion, it won’t get a second, more thorough review.  Having an organized layout displays and highlights your resume content in a more favorable light.

Our resume templates provide extremely organized layouts and formatting.  When a recruiter opens your resume attachment or picks it up from their desk, they will be able to quickly check each section for pertinent information.


  1. Design Options

There are many ways to make sure your resume stands out when submitting it for a new position.  Since human beings are visual creatures, the way your resume looks is the first thing that will stand out.  If it is creative, impressive and appealing, the recruiter is inclined to look at it more in-depth.

If however, your resume is plain, disorganized or messy, they will move on to the next resume very quickly.  Resume designs can vary from the color scheme to the fonts and special characters.  Depending on what works best for your professional experience and personal preference, you can have an attractive low key design or you can use an extremely vivid resume template.


  1. Include Keywords

The resume templates you’ll come across with the Latin text won’t include industry keywords.  All templates on our website include industry keywords to make it easy for you to better customize your resume.  Not only do they come with industry keywords but we also provide instructions on how to get even more keywords that fit your target positions and better highlight your previous experience.

We’ve discussed the importance of keywords in the past so I won’t harp on that subject again but for those who need a little guidance in this department, our resume templates will give you keyword ideas to help you write the perfect resume.


  1. Matching Cover Letters

Cover letters are just as important as resumes.  Though they don’t have to visually match your resumes, it does help with presentation.  Cover letters give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and share information that may not be contained in your resume.  99% of recruiters and employers will read your cover letter before they read your resume.  There is no question as to whether or not you should submit a cover letter with your resume.

I’ve seen plenty of resume submissions without anything in the body of the email.  That only tells me to move on the next candidate submission.  If a candidate can’t take the time to include a cover letter, I doubt they will take the time to be thorough in a position. If you plan to buy a resume and cover letter online, be sure to do your part in preparing them properly when applying for jobs.


  1. Industry Specific

We mentioned keywords in reason #8 to use resume templates, but we’d also like to point out that industry specific templates are extremely helpful when you don’t know how to write a resume.  If you’re applying for a finance position, if possible, you should use a resume template that was written for the finance industry.  Since this is not always possible, you then want to use a resume template that will allow you to include the right finance experience and will highlight your skills in the best light.  Our individual resume templates offer industry specific examples to better help you write your own resume.

Learn more about the Resume Templates Package:


  1. Professional Submissions

A lot of people simply don’t understand that everything you do during your job search has either a positive or negative impact on your results.  For example, the submission process is just as important as the interview process.  Why?  Because without the success of the submission process, there will be no interview process.

When you’ve crafted a well written cover letter that intrigues a recruiter and they open your resume expecting something just as impressive, you don’t want to disappoint them.  An attractive, well written, professional resume that compliments the cover letter is more likely to get better feedback and hence, a subsequent interview.


  1. Customizing Instructions

Not all resume templates purchased online will come with customizing instructions.  The Resume Templates Package offered on our site provides step by step details and assistance to help you customize your resume so that it will stand out to grab the attention of recruiters.  This package also provides special tips for writing your resume so that the content will make your qualifications align with the advertised position.

There are many simple things you can do that will put you ahead of other candidates.  We’ve provided this information in the Resume Templates Package.  Also included are additional instructions and tips for your job search, the interview process and what to do after your interviews.


  1. Creative Templates

Throughout this entire article, the importance of your resume’s visual presentation has been stressed.  We’ve all heard it before; it’s what’s inside that really matters.  This is definitely the truth.  An attractive resume means nothing without great credentials. But an unattractive resume with great credentials won’t get a second look.  That is the world we live in, so why not provide both?

Submit a good looking resume using creative templates and present your experience and qualifications in a way that will better position you to get an interview and possibly a new job.  Many people will bad-mouth creative resume templates.  Say what you will, but they standout enough to get employers to give your credentials a closer look. If you plan to buy creative resume templates online, make sure they will do a good job in representing your qualifications.


  1. Hundreds of Samples

If you have already seen our Cover Letter Templates or Resume Templates pages, you know that we have hundreds of examples for you to use in creating your own professional resume.  By downloading our Resume Templates Package and then using our industry specific resume samples, you can quickly create a great resume.

Of course there are also hundreds if not thousands of resume samples on the internet, but again, you want to save time and frustration by reducing your efforts in getting a good resume.  Our site offers you the best of both worlds by providing creative and professional resume templates with industry specific keyword examples.


  1. Happy Recruiters

One summer when I was home from college, a friend of mine invited me to work with her at an Ann Taylor retail store.  Most retail businesses push to have customers sign up for their company credit cards.  It means more business for them because customers will spend more if they don’t have to pay for the merchandise right away.

During that summer, I had the most credit card sign ups.  Do you want to know how and why?  I made it easy for customers to sign up.  The store was located in a very affluent area, therefore, I reasoned that they weren’t opposed to getting the credit cards since they could pay the bills.  Also, the majority of the customer that filled out the credit application were approved.

However, most of these shoppers were in the store with small children and couldn’t be bothered with completing the application or the sign up process.  That’s where I saw an opportunity.  I started to track the time it would take to complete the sign up process and get an approval for each credit card.  Once I had it down to a science, I started offering to complete the process for the customer and all they had to do was sign the application.  From there, my credit card sign up and approval rate skyrocketed through the roof.

When you’re applying for a job, the burden of proof is with you to do everything in your power to make it easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to say yes.  From your first contact to your first day of work, you want to impress your potential employer.

A clean resume submission will make your recruiter happy.  In the example provided above, I made it easy for customers to get the Ann Taylor credit card.  You want to make it easy for a recruiter to be able to read your email.  Make it easy for them to identify you as someone who will be a good fit for the job vacancy.


  1. Can Be Modified

There are so many wonderful reasons to buy professional resume templates but perhaps one of the very best reasons, is that you can modify them.  Who wants to buy a resume that they can’t update?  What if there is a tiny error that you can fix yourself?  You should be able to fix it.  When you get a resume already made in PDF you can’t modify it without special conversion software.

If you get that resume in MS Word, you can make the necessary changes and updates.  Should you choose, you can also convert the word document to PDF.  The great part of being able to modify our resume templates is that you can use them over and over again. That being said, when you buy a resume template, be sure that what you buy can be modified.


  1. Learn Something New

Though not intended to be a teaching session, you will learn how to better write resumes by reviewing examples.  It’s easy to review resumes and quickly see what looks good and what does not.  By seeing what should be done, you will learn what not to do.  They say, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  This is the case with most things in life.

If you can learn to do something for yourself, you don’t have to rely on others.  There is a sense of freedom connected to this concept.  Obviously we can’t do everything for ourselves but out of the things that we can do, it’s up to us to make the best of an opportunity to learn how to do them well.  Creating a great resume will not only get you closer to a new job but it might also allow you to help someone else is struggling in the same area.


  1. Come with Support

Purchasing resume templates online doesn’t always come with support.  Our Resume Templates Package does.  Even with a great set of creative and professional resume templates to choose from, step by step instructions to customize your resume, along with tips for your job search and the interview stage, sometimes you still need a little guidance.

When you purchase our Resume Templates Package you will also get our expertise to look over your resume and provide helpful feedback.  Everyone wants to buy cool resume templates but make sure they are also effective templates that come with support.  So if you’re wondering “where can I buy resume templates online?” we’ve got you covered.


  1. It’s Easy

This will sound so elementary, but it’s very easy to use resume templates.  If you have absolutely no idea how to write a resume or how to create a creative resume that will stand out and get you hired, modifying a professional resume template will make the process easy for you.  It’s that simple.  Really.

You download, save, customize (using the instructions provided and as you see fit), save as your name and start applying for jobs.  You can either upload your resume to sites like or you can apply for individual positions from the comfort of your home. When you want to buy a resume online, you want to buy quality templates that will be easy to use.


  1. They WORK!

The best resume templates to buy are the ones that work. Before I decided to start this small online business, I had to ask myself two important questions.  First, did I have what it took to provide quality and helpful information to my customers?  With over 15 years experience as a resume writer, a recruiter and a business professional the answer was yes.

The second question was whether or not the products and service I intended to provide would actually help my customers reach their career goals.  I turned to my sister for feedback on the second question.  Her response was all I needed to proceed.  She pointed out that the resume template I had created for her many years ago was the same resume template that got her hired for a few positions and that she had modified the template for her friends who didn’t understand how to write a resume.

From time to time, I’ll get referrals from customers for their family and friends that need resumes.  Additionally, customers who have purchased products from this site will occasionally take the time to provide their feedback.  This is how I know resume templates work.  Our Resume Templates Package comes with 40 creative and professional resume templates along with very helpful job search information that was designed with one purpose – to get you a new job.


If you need a new resume and a little help with your job search, the Resume Templates package will help you.

Why You Should Buy Professional Resume Templates Online

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