Work Life BalanceEvery working professional inevitably faces the challenge of balancing a career and a personal life. When you are unable to achieve this happy medium one of the two areas tend to suffer.

For most full time employees, it’s their personal life that draws the short straw.

Granted we all aim to cultivate a healthy personal life but what if work consumes most of your life and hence your energy? Then what?

Millions of working adults long to capture the elusive work life balance. We make New Year’s resolutions, we create bucket lists and many even have vision boards. All in an effort to get closer to a more balanced life and eventually a more fulfilling and happier life.

So does such a thing exist? Can the average Joe find and keep it? The short answer is yes. Of course you can achieve a manageable work life balance. The trick is putting it in motion and making it your priority.

If you spend 9-12 hours at work, you have to make the conscious decision to leave earlier. If you take work home or work when you’re not physically on the job, then you must create and implement realistic goals to first separate your personal life from your professional life. Guess what? Life goes on and so must you.

Is that realistic, you ask. Can you actually walk away from your workaholic ways? Will you return to work the next day overwhelmed and full of regret? Possibly. However, that’s where your strategic time management comes into play. Pace yourself throughout the day. Prioritize and don’t be afraid to leave something less urgent until tomorrow.

Once you make the decision to give more power, energy and attention to your personal life, it all comes down to commitment. Are you willing to make it happen? How important is your happiness to you? How about your health or well being?

Here comes the good news. Once you get started, regret will dissipate and you will gradually start to smell the roses. The once nonexistent time you never had, will now open up to allow room for enjoyment, laughter, fun and good times in your life. Too farfetched? Why don’t you find out? Dream a little dream. Start off with one day, then two days, then three.

I dare you to start this week. Start crossing off a few items on that bucket list. Pull out those resolutions and dust off your vision board. Spend more time with your family and friends. Take that long walk you’ve been thinking about. Make reservations for that restaurant you drive by every single day. Plan that road trip. Go on that date. Open your soul.

Find your happy place. Make it a reality. You won’t look back.

Work Life Balance Time Management

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