Simple Step-by-Step Instructions
to Get a New Job Quickly

FACT: A better job will change your life.

Let’s talk about you. Are you are unemployed, hate your current job or desperately want to get away from office politics and work remotely?

Maybe you’re tired of the favoritism, nepotism or some other ism. Are you working in a toxic environment?  Let’s be honest, negative energy is real and it is stressful. Throw in long hours and you’ve got a recipe for health decline.

Perhaps you aren’t getting any recognition or respect. Or you’re being passed up for promotions. Maybe there’s no room to grow.

Here’s a portion of a message I received from a client after the information in my job search guide helped him leave his dead end job for a much better position.

I love getting notes like that. Sometimes a little guidance goes a long way.  

Back to you. Does it come down to money? Living paycheck to paycheck can be exhausting. Even worse, is having bills pile up because you’re not working, or just not making enough to make ends meet. Sometimes it’s about wanting to put some money in your savings account or being able to afford to do nice things.

If you feel stuck,
there’s good news and there’s hope!

Whatever your situation may be, know that you’re not alone. Millions of people – yes, literally millions – are looking for a new job. The question is, what are YOU doing to improve your situation?

A little about me. I’m a former recruiter, active resume writer and job search advisor. I’ve been on both sides of the interview table. I have plenty of experience when it comes to getting a job in multiple industries so I know what works and what doesn’t.

Here is the good news – I can help you get a new job very quickly.  Like in the next 2-4 weeks. I’ve done it for myself, for family and friends, and for my clients.

Getting a better job quickly, comes down to three things. A good cover letter and resume; the right job search strategies and passing your interviews.

This Job Search guide gives you all three, in one easy to follow package. It takes you through the entire process from beginning to end.

From putting your resume together, applying for jobs and scheduling interviews, to accepting a job offer and giving your boss 2 weeks’ notice – this guide will improve your job hunting skills.


Here’s how it works:

Once you purchase this guide, you will receive an email with a link to download the package.

You save the zip file to your computer and right click to select Extract All.  You now have access to the documents that will improve your job search.  The extracted file contains:

Folder #1 includes 10 situational cover letter templates. Depending on your situation, you will choose the right cover letter. There are cover letters for career changes, blind submissions, recent college graduates, employee referral and a few others.

Folder #2 contains 25 creative and professional resume templates.  All you have to do is add your information and save the documents as your name. 

PDF #1 has easy to follow instructions to help you customize a really great resume and cover letter.  Online sources are provided where you can get free feedback.  You can also reach out to me if you need a second set of eyes.

PDF #2 has the job search instructions to get the ball rolling. It explains the HOW and WHERE of finding a new job. It gives you tips to find unadvertised jobs, remote jobs and specific places to look for jobs. These will all reduce your competition.

PDF #3 is full of email and phone call scripts that you can use when setting up your interviews.  Many people simply don’t know what to do, or say to get interviews. These scripts make it easy for you.

PDF #4 contains your interview instructions. It explains how to get an interview, what to do before your interviews, what to do during your interviews and what to do after you’ve completed an interview.

It also explains how to negotiate a salary offer, how to accept a job offer or decline one; and of course how to give your current employer notice.  Sample emails are provided here as well. There are numerous interview tips here that will help you stand out from other candidates.

PDF #5 is filled with job interview questions. Take a little time to go over these questions to prepare for your interviews. There are questions you should ask during a first interview and questions that should be asked in your follow-up interviews. 

Believe it or not, it matters when you ask certain questions.  It tells the employer more about you than you realize. I also provide a list of questions not to ask.

PDF #6 is a list of 50 companies hiring people to work remotely. That’s right, from the comfort of your own home.  Be it the back yard, your kitchen table or a quiet place in your basement.  This list was very well researched and offers jobs in all industries.

This complete job search action plan is available to you for only $29.99. Plus, support is available if you have any questions along the way.  Imagine how much time and frustration you will save yourself by using these resources and proven techniques. Now think about the long term cost of staying unemployed or in a job that isn’t meeting your needs.

If you’re tired of submitting resume after resume with no results, and you want to start applying for jobs with confidence, this is your opportunity.

Time is going. The next step is up to you. If you can follow directions, you can get a new job very quickly.

P.S. Order any time, day or night – get it on your phone right now, and have it in your email for later. This is considered a tax deductible purchase.


“Get ready to get hired!”

Get the Job Search Guide for only $29.99



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