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Working Remotely WILL Change Your Life

Thanks for your time.  We’ll keep this short. According to Forbes, 50% of the U.S. workforce will soon be remote. In this modern age of technology you can work from the comfort of your home just as easily as if you had to drive to an office each day.

If you don’t believe us, ask any of the hundreds of thousands of people who have already traded their commute and stressful desk job for a home office.


Can you relate to any of these?

  • You work in a toxic environment
  • Your boss stresses you out
  • You get anxiety at work
  • You don’t “fit in” with your co-workers
  • There are too many silly distractions
  • The favoritism, politics and nepotism make you sick
  • You always think of all the things you could get done at home

Now you can escape all of that and get into this…

Are you ready to improve your life (and maybe even extend it) by working remotely?  If you hate your current job, want to get out of the office cube farm, get anxiety every Sunday night because you dread Monday or desperately need a change in your career, this is for you.


Here are a few reasons why you should work remotely:


Here’s what is included in this offer:

✅ Step by Step instructions to get a remote job
✅ Creative and professional cover letter and resume templates that will stand out and get you interviews
✅ Sample emails and phone calls to use when communicating
✅ How to get an interview, what to do before, during and after your interviews
✅ Job interview questions that will impress an employer
BONUS 1: 50 Companies Hiring Remotely
BONUS 2: 1 Simple Way to Find Unadvertised Jobs and reduce your competition
BONUS 3: Customer Support ready to help and answer your questions (first come first served basis)


The Next Step Is Up To You

You can either click off this page and keep hating your job or you can make a decision and take action today that will change your life for the better. If you can follow directions, you can get a remote job.

If you decide to take action today, know that you will have the right resources, tools and guidance to succeed. But you’ll have to actually follow the steps provided.

We won’t leave you stranded. If you have questions, reach out to us and we’ll gladly help you out. Click the button below to instantly download your package and get started.



Thank You!

5.0 rating

I’d just like to say that I cannot thank you enough! Around 5 months ago I asked for advice about jobs to apply to so that I could get away from my dead end grocery store job. I took your suggestion of Verizon, and I am now 3 months into a sales job with Verizon Wireless. The pay and benefits are great, but more than that I’m getting to work closely with people as I’d hoped to and the knowledge and skills I’m gaining on the job make me feel like an actually important contributor to the team; a feeling I almost never had at my old job. Of all the jobs I could’ve ended up at, I’m incredibly grateful to be where I am. Your suggestion changed my life for the better!


I'm Now Working Remotely!!!

5.0 rating

I can’t believe you’re only charging $30 for this package. I was laid off for almost 9 months. I finally got two interviews but wasn’t excited about either positions. They were both paying less that what I was making before but I really needed a job. I was so tired of the corporate BS and didn’t want to return to an office. When I got your package and started going through everything, it all made sense. It was also easy to follow. I didn’t have to accept a job with either of those two companies. Your package helped me get a job BEFORE I got an offer from one of the other companies. I got a remote job paying me more money than I was making before! My stress and anxiety have gone down. I’m paying my bills and putting money in savings. This thing was a real lifesaver. You guys need to get the word out more because this could seriously help a lot of people out there that need a good job. Especially folks like me who can’t deal with office politics anymore. Thank you for everything.

Angela Gray

I Got More Than I Expected

5.0 rating

Thank you for all your help with my resume and job search. I needed a strong resume for my job search. Not only do I now have a professional resume with great keywords but I also got a lot more with the job search and interview tips. I will definitely recommend you to my family, friends and co-workers. It’s a competitive job market and good resumes aren’t a luxury they are a necessity.

Danny M

From Landscaper to Banker

5.0 rating

I can’t thank you enough. As you know, I had a unique situation. I have a degree in mathematics but from another country. It was hard for me to get a job in the U.S. until you guys helped with my resume. I went from working in landscaping to working in a bank. This has changed my life. I’ve already shared your site on my FB page.

Ivan O

Great Resume Templates

5.0 rating

If you need that extra to stand apart from the rest, then go to the best. This package offers great customizing tips, industry experience and the touch that made my resume stand out. I was switching careers and wasn’t sure how to list all of my previous experiences. I felt confident with the resume. I also felt comfortable in an interview and got the position I wanted with Universal. Thanks for your guidance and professionalism.

Kevin B

It Really Worked

5.0 rating

In the past, I have tried to edit my resume myself, or had friends edit it for me. It has never come out looking as good as it does now. Thank you SO much for all of your help. I wanted to change industries, but nobody was giving me a chance because my resume did not reflect my experience in a way that would get me in the door for the kind of job that I wanted. I’ll absolutely be recommending you to my family and friends. There are so many people who need a good resume and help with their job search and now they have a place to come to! Five stars…hands down.

Lyn P.

The Templates Are Perfect

4.0 rating

Thank you for your help with a better looking resume! I needed a fresh resume quickly for a job that came up last minute and your Ginger resume template was perfect. A friend recommended your site and I’m grateful he did. The interview tips came in handy. Many people need something fresh and I know that what you’re offering does help. I only gave four stars because I only needed the resume templates and didn’t go through all the job search stuff. Thanks again!

Deb Medina